At the outset, the readers are here by informed that the purpose of this website is neither to define nor to explain what stammering is, it's causes, reasons, etc medically.

This site is purely a practically oriented guide on how to overcome stammering with a change in mindset towards stammering  accompanied by simple speech practices. Many stammerers have successfully overcome their speech problem by following these simple techniques.

As causes of stammering believes a Physio-Psychological one, ‘Chennai Stammering Care Center" has been started with a sole purpose of  providing counseling, tips and guidance to the stammerers to overcome their Physical as well as Psychological problems. 

Pychological problems are  fear, shyness, shame & anxiety due to  their stammering speech. Physical problem is due to stammering speech over many years, stammerers speech mechanism becomes a defective one. To correct the speech mechanism and to speak normally, this speech practice has been devised. So far, there is no medical treatment available to overcome stammering. As such speech therapy only is available now.

This centre has been started by Mr. Manimaran, a retired Chief Engineer of a Tamilnadu Government organization (himself a recovered stammerer), was initially inaugurated on 9th Dec'2013 at Kottur, Chennai, India. This centre will remain open from 4.30 pm to 7.30 pm, from Monday to Thursday. Afterwards, he had realised that due to restricted,only limited stammerers were coming. Then he decided to give counselling from his home itself at Tondiarpet from 10 AM to 1 PM and from 5 PM to 9 PM from June-2015, Ist onwards.

The most difficult part for any stammerer is to make him to do speech practice everyday. Because stammerer's parents, brothers & sisters, friends and relative never understand his real inner emotional problems, always taking his stammering speech lightly and never encourage to do speech practice. In fact they will advice him that as and when he grow older, the stammering will go away.

The worst part is neither the stammerer himself willing to talk about his speech problem with anyone else (including to an another stammerer) nor anyone is willing to listen a stammerer's problems.

Stammering can be easily overcome by getting rid of their fear, shyness, shame and anxiety along with simultaneously carrying out speech practices. 

Fear, shyness, shame and anxiety can easily be overcome by attending weekly Sunday meetings regularly. After started attending weekly meetings, the above said psychological problems would slowly go away from the 3rd month onwards. A Stammerer has to keep one important point in his mind. It is not possible to overcome his stammering "SECRETLY" without others knowledge and help. When he was alone, he won't stammer. When he starts talking to others only, he stammers. Hence, he needs to speak to the society without any fear and shame which only helps him to overcome his stammering.

To motivate a stammerer to do speech practice daily, an online help in the form of ‘whatsApp group’ is  available. Motivational messages, quotes, pictures and videos will be sent to them every day. The members can interact with other members of the ‘whatsApp group’ and get motivated. They can also seek any doubts /clarifications through ‘whatsApp group’ which will be cleared then and there.

To overcome stammering, they have to do one hour speech practice everyday in the mornings  for about 6 to 12 months depending upon the severity of individuals stammering and sincerity in speech practice.

At present there are 42 members at ‘Chennai Centre’, who have joined at various months from Dec’2013 onwards till July"2014. Four members who joined in Dec’2013 have now become ‘Recovered Stammerers’, who have successfully overcome their psychological barrier and are now able to speak normal

The main aim of this centre is to honestly help stammerers to overcome their speech problem and lead a stammer-free life like other normal speaking people and to fulfill their dreams which they were unable to do it till now because of their speech problem.