About us

Mr . Manimaran, the founder of "Chennai Stammering Care Centre" was born in 1957 at Cheyyar, a small town about 100 km west of Chennai city and himself a stammerer from his childhood like his father, who also a stammerer.

As Mr. Manimaran was very good at studies and always used to get first rank in his class, teasing and bullying by fellow students were totally absent. He was fond of Mathematics and scored 100% in the SSLC exam in the year 1973 like his father who too scored 100% in Mathematics in the year 1951  even though there was no electricity at his house in those days.

Mr. Manimaran completed B.E(Civil Engg) from Regional Engineering College, Tiruchirappalli (now called NIT-T) in the year 1979. Whereas his father has done Diploma in Civil Engg at the College of Engineering, Guindy, Chennai in 1954. Mr. Manimaran joined in a Tamilnadu State Government organization in 1980, like his father who was also a Tamilnadu state Government employee.

Now coming to treatments undergone by Mr. Manimaran for his stammering, he had tried three times till the year 2000 without any success. Since his father was a mild stammerer, he didn’t took his son's stammering seriously and also didn't know where to get treatmenet to overcome stammering. In fact, in those days the availability of speech therapists were very minimum.

Mr.Manimaran’s turning point in his life came in the year 2001, quite fortunately. He read Mr. Balasubramaniam's success story of overcoming his stammering in a Tamil magazine, at a barber shop, where he went for his hair-cut. Mr. Balasubramaniam, a Mechanical Engineer, himself a stammerer went  all the way to Scotland in the year1989, to attend a speech therapy course conducted by Mr. Andrew Bell, who himself was an another stammerer. Mr. Bell had invented a speech therapy on his own, practiced and overcame his stammering and had started imparting trainings to other stammerers.

Mr. Balasubramaniam, after attending the training course at Scotland, returned back to India, sincerely practiced for one year and overcame his stammering.Subsequently, he started taking training courses for  other stammerers frequently on service motive. Due to his business commitments, now-a-days, he conducts one training course only in a year.

Mr. Manimaran had attended the above course at the age of 42 in the year 2001. Mr. Balasubramaniam at the end of the course advised all the participants to practice speech therapy one hour daily in the morning for a minimum period of one year or till the individual overcame his stammering.

Mr. Manimaran after attending the above course, practiced sincerely for the next six months. He had also conducted weekly meetings in the year 2001 at Marina beach, near Gandhi statue at Chennai with four other stammerers who also had attended the training course along with him. In fact Mr. Manimaran  was able to give a 15 minutes speech, without stammering even once, at the training centre of the organization where he worked, which was well appreciated by everyone. For the first time, at the age of 42, he realized that he  could also speak without stammeringl and was feeling ecstatic as if standing on the top of the world.

Alas! This happiness was a short lived one. After six months of practice, he became sick and had to be bed ridden for about 15 days and was unable  to practice speech therapy, which resulted in relapsing of his stammering.

Like an advanced communication facilities available now, mobile phones and Internet facilities were not easily available in those days and hence he was unable to contact other stammerers for calling weekly meetings which were unfortunately discontinued. Due to non availability of any support group, Mr. Manimaran himself discontinued his speech practice. It was very difficult to practice speech therapy by a stammerer alone without the help of either a support group or with another stammerer. But a seed was firmly planted in his mind that he could also speak well if practiced speech therapy  for a sufficient period of time.

The second turning point in Mr. Manimaran's stammering life happened in the year 2009 in the form of “The Indian Stammering Association” (TISA). Yes, this was his biggest turning point of his life at the age of 53. On the behest of Dr. Sachin, the founder member of TISA, Mr. Manimaran became the Coordinator of the Chennai chapter of TISA which was formally inaugurated in the year 2009 at YWCA international guest house, Egmore, Chennai.

There after, Mr. Manimaran started to conduct regular free meetings at YWCA guest house, by spreading the message through various sources. Encouraging number of stammerers to attend the meetings, which included professionals, students, school children, teachers, etc.

In respect of his professional career, in spite of his speech problem, he got "Outstanding" ratings for five consecutive years and became Chief Engineer in the year 2012. Subsequently, he took voluntary retirement from services in September 2013.

At the TISA third National Conference held at Delhi in Oct 3 to 5, 2013 immediatly after his retirement, he was selected as National Coordinator of TISA.

The Chennai Centre was also formally inaugurated by him on 9th December 2013 at Kottur. From June - 2015 onwards,he has started giving counselling from his home at tondiarpet.

Generally, most of the stammerers knew about what  stammering is and how to practice speech therapy. But the main problem for them was the lack of support groups, which only  motivate them to practice daily till the individual overcomes his stammering.

To give daily alert and to motivate stammerers to practice daily, a ‘whatsApp group' was launched on the first of January 2014. Now there are  five ‘whatsapp groups’ with a combined strength of around 235 (as on 20th Aug,2014) members from all over India.

Due to his incresed knee and foot pain problems, Mr. Manimaran’s  travels had to be restricted much. Hence he decided to resign from the Coordinator post of TISA  in the month of June 2014. TISA had been understanding and accepted his resignation and relieved him from the position.

But Mr. Manimaran  has continued his interest in serving the stammering community. Only a stammerer can understand the problems faced by an another stammerer. He knows very well that no stammerer was having  courage  to discuss about his speech problems with anyone else including his parents and close friends. The only place he could openly talk about his speech problems is at stammering support groups.

Mr. Manimaran understands very well that awareness of stammering is very less in India. Also unlike in western countries neither sufficient support groups nor enough number of speech therapists are available in India.