The following services are available

1) A computer is available where motivational videos would be shown. After watching these motivational videos, the stammerers would be motivated also make themselves ready for sustained speech practice for a longer period until overcome their stammering.

2) Counseling to individual stammerer would be given  so that he/she could openly discuss about his / her  stammering problems without any fear and shame.

3) Mock interviews will be conducted for those who were going to attend interviews shortly. The interviews will be videographed and shown to the member. After seeing the video, suitable suggestions, change in sitting posture, use of body language etc if rquired would be taught.

4) Whenever a member visits the centre, his three minutes speech will be videographed everytime and stored in the computer in a separate folder. Any member can see his previous videos, review himself about his speech and can modify his speaking style / body languages if necessary.

5) Two number of “Stammering whatsapp groups” (one for Tamil and another one for English) to a combined strength of 110 members from various parts of India are functioning. Daily morning alerts and motivational messages would be sent to all the members to remind them to do speech practice daily in the mornings. The members can also post messages  about their speech improvements, sharing their problems if any faced by them due to stammering.