Daily Manthra

1) Soft speech

"I request everyone to practice to speak softly in low voice (not loudly) so that you can stammer less. While whispering we won't stammer. Because we won't strain other parts of our body. The same logic applies for soft speaking also. If we practice anything for 21 days, it will become our habit. Just try, see the result and share your experience in this group".

2) Acceptance

" I am not harming, hurting or spoiling anyone. I am a very soft spoken person. I am stammering only. I don't know why I am stammering. Hitherto, I didn't know how to get rid of my stammering. Then, why should I bother about others comments. I understand that they are commenting out of ignorance. May God bless them.
I wholeheartedly accept my stammering. Here after, I am not going to be afraid of my stammering speech. Even if I get blocks, I am not going to stop. I am going to talk openly with my family members, friends and others about my stammering. Now, I have started to speak softly and it has reduced my stammering a lot. I am also practicing speech therapy daily to overcome my stammering at the earliest".

3) Head movements

I am speaking softly and accepting my stammering which become my habits. Now I want to make my head movements as another habit to speak still better.

" Now I understood that moving my head gently made my body more relaxed and also diverted my attention away from stammering, thus can able to speak better.Hereafter, I am going to use my head movements while speaking as well as listening to others speech."

Now, I have started not only to speak softly but also started accepting my stammering. In addition, I am practicing speech therapy regularly to overcome my stammering at the earliest".